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Arrested for a Sex Crime in Las Vegas?

Sex crime accusations are incredibly serious, and are different in important ways from other types of criminal accusations. While any criminal conviction can result in a loss of liberty, the stigma of a sex crime conviction can go beyond fines and jail time. Even simple allegations of a sex crime can cost you your job, your marriage, your reputation in the community, and your peace of mind.

Frequently, the investigators and prosecutors who are appointed to handle sex crime cases come from special criminal enforcement divisions. State statutes create special penalties for such offenses. Conviction of a sex crime can result in:

  • Mandatory jail sentences
  • Registration as a sex offender
  • Loss of professional licenses
  • Permanent criminal record

This can impact every aspect of your life, from your ability to pursue certain careers to your relationships with friends and neighbors. If you’ve been charged with a sex crime, or you think you might be under investigation, it is vital that you immediately reach out to a skilled sex crime lawyer for consultation. Our experienced attorneys at Oronoz, Ericsson & Gaffney, LLC help you know exactly where you stand and what you face.

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Why Having an Experienced Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Helps

It takes a skilled and experienced attorney to know how and when to apply a delicate touch and when to act more aggressively in order to effectively defend someone facing sexual offense charges. Regardless of the nature of these charges, if not handled properly, they can impact your future in profound ways. In Las Vegas, sting operations that target prostitution and solicitation are not uncommon. The officers involved can often skirt the line of legality in terms of what the law considers entrapment in their pursuit of evidence of a sexual crime.

A true accounting of events may reveal unconstitutional conduct that makes the case or specific evidence gathered inadmissible in court. Only a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer with experience in these types of cases can properly present the evidence in a court of law before a judge in the most effective way to benefit a client’s case. Without quality legal counsel, there is very little hope of successfully beating these types of charges.

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Our team at Oronoz, Ericsson & Gaffney, LLC fully understands the level of commonality of sex crime charges in the Las Vegas area. Although many criminal defense lawyers say they have the understanding necessary for such cases, the proof of our experience becomes obvious through years of documented successes in handling them as criminal defense lawyers working publicly and privately throughout Las Vegas. By bringing a strong investigative approach to each case from initial consultation through trial prep and the negotiation phase, we have developed an approach that has allowed us to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.

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