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According to Nevada law, indecent exposure is a gross misdemeanor. Exposing one’s genitalia, buttocks, or female breasts in an inappropriate setting is considered indecent exposure. This means exhibitionism, flashing, Despite Las Vegas’ moniker, “Sin City,” and an industry that caters towards tourists, law enforcement is aggressive. Officers crack down heavily on those who break the laws.

These are the following penalties in Nevada for indecent exposure:

  • $2,000 fine
  • Jail sentence for up to 1 year
  • Register as a sex offender, if convicted
  • A mark on one’s criminal record

Because of this, it is possible to be arrested for this crime, even if the individual was not in public. Furthermore, exposure does not necessarily mean the act was sexual in nature. For example, urinating in a public space or an area where one could be easily seen can lead to a charge of indecent exposure.

The Stigma of a Sex Offender Registration

One of the greatest stigmas that come along with an indecent exposure conviction is sex offender registration. Not only is this damaging to one’s character and reputation, but the effects of it can also be felt for the rest of the individual’s life. They may have difficulty securing a job, renting an apartment, applying for a mortgage, or holding certain professional licenses.

Not all sex offender registrants will be made publicly available, however. Only those who are considered habitual offenders or high-risk offenders will be listed publicly. For example, crimes committed against children is immediately a high-risk case, and if convicted, the individual will be required to register.

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