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Hit by a drunk driver in Las Vegas?

Drunk driver auto accidents are unfortunately very common in Las Vegas. The unique nature of Las Vegas as the self-proclaimed “entertainment capital of the world,” centered around the city’s nightlife and partying, ensures that people drink alcohol in excess amounts, may end up getting behind the wheel of an automobile, and cause an accident.

Tragically, people are seriously hurt in Clark County every day because of drunk driving car accidents. In addition to the injuries caused by drunk drivers, every month people are killed on Las Vegas roadways by drivers who drink and drive. Regardless of the laws put in place to combat the problem, drunk driving accidents continue to plague Southern Nevada.

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Drunk Driver Car Accident Personal Injury Claims

Many people when injured by an automobile driver who drinks and drives, fail to realize that they have certain rights of recovery beyond those of a typical car accident. Fortunately, Nevada law provides victims of drunk driving accidents with tools that can significantly assist their personal injury case against a drunk driver.

Drunk Driving Conviction Can Be Used To Establish Civil Liability

If a drunk driver who causes an accident is convicted for driving while under the influence of alcohol, a person suing the drunk driver for personal injuries can use the conviction for purposes of establishing civil liability. For example, NRS 41.133 provides the following:

“If an offender has been convicted of the crime which resulted in the injury to the victim, the judgment of conviction is conclusive evidence of all the facts necessary to impose civil liability for the injury.”

Within the context of drunk driving car accidents, this statute creates a presumption that a person convicted of drunk driving is civilly liable to a victim injured in a car accident caused by the drunk driver.

Generally, the only remaining issue in a drunk driving accident case would be the extent of the damages which the victim suffered (i.e., what are their medical bills, what is the amount to be awarded for pain and suffering, etc). This Nevada statute makes it much easier for victims to bring successful personal injury actions against drunk drivers who cause their injuries.

Drunk Driver Accident Victims in Las Vegas Can Recover Punitive Damages

Another tool that can be used to successfully bring a personal injury case against drunk drivers is NRS 42.010. This statute provides:

“In addition for breach of an obligation, where the defendant caused an injury by operation of a motor vehicle…after willfully consuming or using alcohol or another substance, knowing that the defendant would thereafter operate a motor vehicle, the plaintiff, in addition to the compensatory damages, may recover damages for the sake of example and by way of punishing the defendant.”

In other words, so long as it is proven that the driver who caused the car accident was impaired by alcohol or drugs while operating the vehicle, the person who is injured may recover punitive damages in his or her civil lawsuit. This statute bypasses the usual requirements pertaining to punitive damages and makes the consideration of punitive damages in drunk driving auto accidents virtually automatic.

These Cases Require a Lawyer Who Specializes In Drunk Driver Car Accident Cases

Impaired or drunk driver car accident situations require a trial lawyer who understands the unique nature of such cases. There are many issues pertaining to these types of cases which are specialized and require a background in multiple disciplines. Crash reconstruction, toxicology, and the science related to traumatic medical injuries, are just some of the issues that frequently come into play.

The Las Vegas injury lawyers at Oronoz, Ericsson & Gaffney LLC have extensive expertise in all issues pertaining to drunk driver car accidents. Our commitment to winning cases and obtaining substantial recoveries for our clients is second to none. We are committed to winning your case and helping you achieve all that you deserve from your lawsuit.

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