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Oftentimes, clients ask us: What happens if, after their medical treatment is complete, the insurance company on the other side refuses to settle their case for a fair amount? Most of the time in Las Vegas personal injury cases, once an injured person completes his course of medical treatment, and fault on the part of the other party is fairly obvious, a settlement will occur. Depending upon the quality of the lawyer and the facts of the individual case, settlements can range from barely adequate, to spectacular. It simply depends upon a number of variables inherent in every personal injury case.

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One variable that is always present in each accident case is whether the injured person’s lawyer is comfortable litigating cases. The vast majority of personal injury “trial lawyers” seen on television rarely, if ever, go to trial. They overwhelmingly settle their cases. They play a numbers game. They bring in a huge number of cases, settle them—sometimes for pennies on the dollar—and make a good profit simply by processing so many cases. It doesn’t take any courtroom skills at all to run this sort of operation. It takes a large advertising budget and a penchant for showmanship. That’s it. Legal skills have nothing to do with it. To add insult to injury, what the unsuspecting public does not realize is that their case is being handled almost exclusively, if not entirely, by a non-lawyer. Had they simply gone to a more trial-oriented firm, rather than fallen for the glitzy advertising package, they would, in all likelihood, have recovered substantially more money.

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Because of the complexities inherent to personal injury cases, it is absolutely essential to interview a prospective personal injury attorney before hiring him or her to handle your case. Simply relying on a flashing television advertisement to make such an important decision can lead to disastrous results. At Oronoz, Ericsson & Gaffney, we take pride in our commitment to each case we handle. We are not a firm that takes on a massive number of cases with the objective of quickly settling each case in an effort to make a quick buck.

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Every personal injury case our firm takes is handled start to finish by a lawyer. Again, a lawyer, not a paralegal. This is enormously important because we believe that each of our clients deserves to have their case handled by a professional who has had the benefit of law school and has passed the state bar exam. Only a lawyer in that position can adequately assess and navigate a client’s case through the complicated maze of pre-trial litigation. Paralegals certainly have their purposes, but in our opinion, the personal injury cases should be handled exclusively by actual lawyers. If you or a loved one is in need of a Las Vegas personal injury attorney, call us immediately. Regardless of the nature of the accident or injury, we can help.

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