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Preserving Your Right to Fair Compensation From Your Insurance Provider

The vast majority of people in the United States, at one point or other, will experience an event that will require them to submit a claim to their insurance company. Most of the time, claimants are assisted and dealt with fairly and reasonably. Some of the time, claimants are treated unfairly by their insurance company. A framework of laws (insurance bad faith) applies to the relationship between the insured and his or her insurance company. If an insurance company deals unfairly with its insured, by denying or refusing to pay a legitimate claim, the law of insurance bad faith frequently comes into play.

What is insurance bad faith?

The occurrence of insurance companies acting in bad faith is high, particularly here in Las Vegas. Insurance companies have a huge incentive to deny legitimate claims, or to make ridiculously low offers to its policyholders. Insurance bad faith comes in many forms. Implicit in every insurance contract is an agreement that the parties will deal in good faith and fairly with one another. Another way to think about the concept is that neither party will do anything to hurt the rights of the other to receive the benefits outlined in the insurance policy. When an insurance company violates established insurance bad faith principles, it can be held accountable for both contractual and tort damages.

Examples of an insurance company’s bad faith include:

  • Unfair refusal to pay a legitimate claim (i.e., refusal to pay a claim without a reasonable basis)
  • Failing to properly investigate a claim in a timely manner
  • Failing to defend, indemnify, or settle a claim without a reasonable basis

If an insurance company is found to have acted in bad faith, not only may a claimant recover the amounts due to him or her pursuant to the insurance policy, they may also recover money damages for emotional distress and possibly even punitive damages when it is shown that the insurance company acted with fraud, oppression, or malice.

Bad Faith Practices to Be Aware of in Your Case

Look for situations where your insurance company has misrepresented facts pertaining to the policy; has delayed investigating your claim; has used abusive tactics with you in an attempt to settle your claim; attempts to unfairly take less than your entitled to under your Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UIM) policy after you have been injured by a negligent driver in an accident; or has rejected reasonable offers to settle a case against you and then forced you to endure being sued in a lawsuit and possibly be subject to a judgment greater than your coverage. Unfortunately, in Las Vegas, this conduct frequently occurs.

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