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Taxi-cabs and limos appear to be everywhere in Las Vegas. Almost anytime day or night, anyone who travels on Las Vegas streets or freeways will see taxi-cabs and/or limousines. Tourism is the predominant industry of the Las Vegas economy.

People come from around the world to visit and vacation in Las Vegas year-round. The high volume of tourists on a consistent basis make it inevitable that a huge number of taxi-cabs and limos will be operating in Southern Nevada, shuttling the visitors to various destinations.

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Reasons for Taxi-Cab and Limousine Accidents

Unfortunately, many taxi-cab and limo drivers have a terrible reputation for careless and even reckless driving. Of course, this does not apply to all operators of taxi-cabs and limos, but unfortunately, it is clear that a large amount of serious traffic accidents involve either taxi-cabs or limos.

Constant rushing from place to place, combined with inattentiveness, and aggressive driving creates a situation where taxi-cab and limo drivers are at high risk to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. A quick Google search of Las Vegas news articles will quickly confirm this point.

What to Do If Injured in a Taxi-Cab or Limo Auto Accident

In addition to seeing a physician as soon as you can after the accident, it is vital that you document the details of the accident to the greatest extent possible.

This includes documenting the following, if conditions safely permit:

  1. Taking pictures of the cars involved in the accident with your cell phone;
  2. Recording the names and contact information of witnesses; and
  3. Recording the name of the Officer(s) who respond to the scene of the accident;

To reiterate, it is essential that you have your injuries evaluated and treated as soon as possible. It is equally important that you follow up care which your medical provider. Realize that in many cases you will be falsely accused of either exaggerating or fabricating your injuries. As offensive as this is, it is the sad reality. Properly documenting your injuries will go far towards defeating accusations of malingering.

Taxi-Cab and Limo Car Accident Litigation

Taxi-cab and Limo companies in Southern Nevada are regulated by both the state and local government. Specific Nevada statutes apply to each type of carrier and frequently come into play in injury cases which involve taxi-cabs and limos.

The accident lawyers at Oronoz, Ericsson & Gaffney LLC are familiar with these laws and regulations. Issues such as driver complaints and other evidence of misconduct are able to be discovered during a case due to the specific legal requirements that apply to the retention of such documents. Obtaining these documents during the litigation process can make a significant difference in the outcome of the case. Our lawyers fight hard to make sure that we always obtain every document that the taxi and cab companies are required to maintain. This sometimes involves a lengthy fight, but rest assured that we will not give up until the other side turns the documents over.

Pulling Evidence from the “Black Box”

Many taxi-cab and limo companies have installed what is referred to in the industry as a “black box” which records critical information such as speed, time and data pertaining to impact. Obtaining this data is critical in these types of cases.

Oftentimes taxi-cab and limo drivers will testify dishonestly about the circumstances of an accident. Having the ability to impeach false testimony with “black box” data is essential. Our auto accident lawyers know who to obtain this information and skillfully use it on behalf of victims of taxi and limo accidents.

Insurance Is a Must for These Types of Vehicles

Taxi-cab and limo companies must maintain insurance or be sufficiently self-insured to conduct business in Nevada. Nevada law requires taxi and limo companies to have sufficient liability resources so that in the event of an accident in which the company or its agent, the driver is at fault, a passenger who is injured has the ability to be compensated for his or her injuries.

Our lawyers understand the parameters of these laws. Because of our extensive knowledge of the law pertaining to taxi-cab and limo accidents our firm is in the best position to help you or your loved one in the event of an injury sustained in a taxi or limo accident.

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